Strategies for Open Science

Delivering Open Science Solutions

Stratos makes open science a reality

Vision and Strategy

Stratos gets you startedWhether it's policy, practices, infrastructure, or incentives, Stratos can help you crystallize your vision and develop a strategic plan that defines where to begin, sets goals, maps out an implementation approach with estimated budget, and helps line up any key partnerships needed.

Research and Analysis

Stratos InvestigatesDiscovering the needs of stakeholders, analyzing the current landscape and the gaps in open science projects, technologies and services.

Implementation and Growth

Stratos Delivers ResultsIncluding project planning, timelines and budgets, identifying and securing appropriate partners, recruiting staff and contractors, and producing a sustainability plan, managing technology builds and integrations, including delivering these on time and on budget.

About Stratos

Our Mission

Stratos is working towards a unified and cohesive open science movement that demonstrates how open fuels collaboration, innovation, and equity. Stratos succeeds by connecting ideas, people, projects and infrastructure to craft unique solutions

Who We Are

Stratos was founded by Kristen Ratan and operates with a growing community of experts ready to lend a hand

What We Do

Stratos works with partnering organizations, projects, institutions, and funders to achieve open science goals, offering a combination of consultative services, implementation and project planning, analysis of workflow and infrastructure needs, devising analytics and metrics for success and delivering solutions that combine strategy, ideas, people and technology

Latest Updates!

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Kristen Ratan, Founder

Kristen founded Stratos in 2019 to connect open research ideas and initiatives into a movement. She has a 20+ year history working to accelerate advances in science and research communication. She started the ICOR strategic circle, co-founded the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation (Coko), and was the Publisher at the Public Library of Science (PLOS).Kristen is on the board of the ASAPbio, Rapid Science, and the American Institute of Physics Publishing, and the advisory boards of DataSeer, Stencila, PREreview and Invest in Open Infrastructure.

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