Introducing Stratos!

For some time now, I’ve been considering what open science / open scholarship needs in order to become the norm, the way we do science. I believe that we need to become a united movement, to consolidate the many disparate and loosely connected initiatives and efforts under a strong and more unified vision.

I’ve founded Strategies for Open Science (Stratos for short) to connect the many existing and emerging efforts in open science but also to accelerate progress by offering up material support. Stratos is, at its core, a problem-solving organization. It’s a broad range of services reflect the many ways that I’ve solved problems and created successful initiatives throughout my career.

Building a network

Stratos is building a network of experienced consultants, contractors, and freelancers who can step in and assist as needed. Because I believe that we need to reduce the impact of profit-seeking in research and research communication, Stratos is a non-profit, currently operating as 501c3 through its fiscal sponsor Rapid Science. Stratos is open for business and excited to hear about your ideas, goals, and projects!